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SPX133 Explosion proof magnetic

Proximity switches are the generic terms of non-contact sensors, replacing the traditional contact detection limit switch, which could detect the moving information of objects, then transform into electrical signals. Non-contact sensors are also able to detect objects close to the trend and there is objects no not, which all called "proximity switches". There are magnetic induction type, electrostatic capacity type, ultrasonic type, photoelectric type, Hall type, widely used in positio

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The proximity switch works by changing the position and polarity of the trigger so that the magnetic field around the sensor changes the contact action of the sensor. This switch series explosive-proof grade EXd Ⅱ CT6, protective class IP65.

The PX133 explosion-proof proximity sensor is an indispensable key component in industrial automation, and is widely used in metallurgy, mining, electric power, construction and other industries. Positioning test.

The PX133 explosion-proof proximity sensor consists of a sensor and a trigger. When the trigger distance from the sensor is less than or equal to 7mm, the sensor begins to operate, transmitting the signal from the connected core wire.


Use non-contact working mode, no standby power consumption

Action distance can be customized according to demand

Long service life, small volume, flexible coal mining

High stability, high reliability, high repeatability, no maintenance


Rail traffic

Industrial control

Coal mining

The location of the hazardous area is called

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