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LVDT liquid level sensor, the buoyancy of floating ball pushes up and down the measuring rod, and the sensor detects the displacement of the measuring rod to obtain the liquid level.

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Differential transformer displacement sensor (an LVDT) can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, machinery, building, textile, railway, coal, metallurgy, plastics, chemical industry and scientific research institutions such as the national economy in all walks of life, used to measure the elongation, vibration, the thickness of the object, inflation and other high-tech products.

DC an LVDT has excellent performance, with convenient single power 9-28V DC power supply, electronic circuit in 304 stainless steel metal tube sealing, can work in harsh environments, such as humidity and dust, the output signal to a standard can be used by a computer or PLC of 0 to 5V or 4-20mA output.


Laboratory level detection

Water tank test

Tank oil level detection

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