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SPH3A0 series of positive and negative rotation speed sensor is tested by Hall principle. Two pcs of magnets with opposite poles need to be fixed on the axis and wheel (the two pcs of magnets are symmetrically distributed, and N pole of one magnet should be fixed facing the sensor and S pole of another magnet should be fixed facing the sensor), and fix the of the arrow on the sensor’s probe test surface facing the rotating arc of the magnet.When the wheel or the axis rotating,

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The features of  Metal  type Metal type magnetic proximity switch sensor

The principle of SPH3A0 switch is Hall principle , this types sensors are mainly used in monitoring the speed and direction of coment mixer vehicle, can effectively improve the safety of transportation and also can know the working condition in real time.


 Coment mixer truck

  Suitable for food processing industry


  Intelligent home appliance, intelligent  furniture, intelligent toys


  Particularly large switching distance

  no mechanical wear

  Stainless steel

 Insensitive to transverse misalignment

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