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Capacitance fuel level sensors operate on the basic principle of the linear variation of the electrical capacity formed between the rod and outer shell with the content (oil) level, transformed variation of the content (oil) level to 4~20mA, 0~5V, digital, RS485 output, could display liquid level height directly or sent to the remote monitoring and control system by satellite.

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1. Explosion-proof integrated design, multiple signal output can be customized

2. Output mode: digital signal output: RS485&RS232. (ModBus RTU/ASCII format)

3. Shell material: cast aluminum or stainless steel

4. Digital output matching easy debugging software

5. Touch-tone site debugging, convenient and fast

6. Customized for customers, such as terminal box, flange, aviation plug, etc

7. Test liquid type: diesel, water, kerosene, gasoline etc

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