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OD 20mm Spring loaded LVDT sensor; the probe is hardened process Great consistency; 5mm stroke length; Side outlet, specialized mold, ok for mass production and short lead time

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The linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) has been widely used in applications such as power turbines, hydraulics, automation, aircraft, satellites, nuclear reactors, and many others.These transducers have low hysteresis and excellent repeatability. DC-operated LVDTs are rugged in hermetically sealed sensors, constructed entirely of stainless steel 304 intended for environments with high humidity, dust and other harsh ones.They are designed to operate in conjunction with computer-based data processors(standard) or PLCs(option). 


SS304 construction, Spring loaded.  

Quenched probe with a great abrasion resistance. 

An internal signal conditioner. 

Better measurement repeatability with the use of a precision sleeve bearing. 

2-wire and 3-wire available. 


TIR measurements 

Fabricated metal products gaging 

Safety valve seating verification 

Roller gap alignment 

Brake system inspections

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