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RFID-Door Switch

RFID sensor identify the specific RFID sensor by radio signal to detect. Fixed the RFID sensor, just put the RFID inductor near the RFID sensor, the inductor would gain by the sensor induced current, then send out product information, the sensor would process data after receiving information, doing accord reaction; If inductor is out of sensors, would not read any information. Output processing information through CAN bus, the blue line output CAN_H and CAN_L white line output.

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The SPR185 -XX - C- M4D10 RFID sensor is detected by radio signals identifying specific RFID sensors. RFID sensor is fixed, just put the RFID sensor near, the sensor send  product information gained by the induced current, sensor data processing by the received information, react accordingly; If the sensor leaves, it will not be able to read any information. The blue line outputs CAN_H and the white line outputs CAN_L through CAN bus mode output processing information.


 Truck boxcar



  Intelligent home appliance, intelligent  furniture, intelligent toys


  Particularly large switching distance

  no mechanical wear

  Stainless steel

 Insensitive to transverse misalignment

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