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Door Switch - Airtight

Our Doorsensor has a long operating life, can work more than ten million times, the contacts of this boxcar sealed sensor has been sealed for avoiding to wear; It is easy to install, user can install this proximity on the surface by thread or socket installation. This sensor doesn't need power supply, it works on magnet. The max operating distance is 100mm, it doesn't have wrong report.

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Door Switch - Airtight

It can be used to monitor the opening or closing of the magnetic doors of logistics vehicles, refuse trucks, containers and armored vehicles

The door magnet switches or closes the signal to the GPS terminal, and the terminal then passes the data to the network dispatching platform, this types sensors are mainly used in monitoring the whether the boxcars are open or close when they are transporting , this sensor can effectively improve the safety of transportation and also can know the working condition in real time.


 Truck boxcar



  Intelligent home appliance, intelligent  furniture, intelligent toys


  Particularly large switching distance

  no mechanical wear

  Stainless steel

 Insensitive to transverse misalignment

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