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Cold chain logistics vehicle temperature monitoring sensor

The cold chain logistics vehicle temperature sensor is divided into analog T116 and digital T117, and the distribution hub realizes multi-path temperature detection, which can be summarized and output a signal.

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T116 analog signal temperature sensor


Analog signal temperature sensor, voltage output (three-wire system) and current output (two wire system) two types.

The sensor has excellent quality, high response, high anti-interference ability and high cost performance. Each sensor chip is calibrated in a highly precise constant greenhouse to be referenced by a mirror cooled dew point.

Technical specifications

Working voltage: 3 V ~ 30 V

When measuring range: - 40 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃

Low accuracy: + / - 0.5 ℃ (0 ℃ ~ 75 ℃)

Response time: <1S

Stable time: 1S

Low output way: voltage mode: linear output corresponding to 500 mV voltage when 0 ℃, 10 ℃ / mV;

Current way: mA 4 ~ 20 mA output, 5 mA current at 0 ℃, 10 ℃ / mA.

Cable: 1 meter with the national standard shield wire (you can customize the length according to your needs)

Functions and features

Small external volume design, easy installation

The response is fast

Strong resistance to interference

Long service life

Low power consumption, good stability

T117 digital signal temperature sensor


The DS18B20, a digital temperature sensor imported from the United States, was sealed with high thermal conductivity, which ensured the high sensitivity of temperature sensor and the minimum temperature delay.

The temperature sensor support "1-wire bus" interface (1 - Wire), measuring temperature range for - 55 ° C to + 125 ° C, in - 10 ~ + 85 ° C range, accuracy of + / - 0.5 ° C.

The field temperature is transmitted directly in the digital way of "1-wire bus", which greatly improves the anti-interference of the system. Suitable for the temperature measurement of the environment.

The DS18B20 digital temperature sensor has a unique number, and the temperature acquisition device is used to identify the corresponding temperature sensor.

The length of the sensor's lead can be customized according to the user's needs.


The advanced single-bus data communication, unique single wire interface requires only one port pin to communicate

Power supply voltage: DC 3.0 V ~ 5.5 V.

Low test temperature range for - 55 ° C to + 125 ° C (67 ° F ~ + 257 ° F).

Low in - 10 ~ + 85 ℃ range precision can reach 0.5 degrees Celsius soil;

The maximum working period of the 12-bit resolution is 750 milliseconds.

Each device has a unique 64-bit serial number stored in internal storage;

Internal EEPROM, temperature limiting alarm function;

A variety of packaging forms to adapt to different hardware systems;

It can realize multi-point distributed temperature measurement application.


Low probe adopt new imported DS18B20 temperature sensor chip, chip each pin are separated with heat shrinkable tube, prevent short circuit, high quality stainless steel tube encapsulation, internal sealing glue, waterproof and moistureproof prevent rust.Stainless steel head lead 1 meter, steel pipe 6* 50mm.

Each probe is strictly tested

A unique single bus interface without external components.

The wire is a pure copper lead.

Connection mode

Red: VCC power source

Black: GND ground line

Brown: DATA signal

Application scope

Cold storage temperature monitoring

The GMP monitoring system of pharmaceutical factory

Monitor the telecommunication machine room

Production of beer

Warehouse temperature monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Process temperature monitoring

Air conditioning monitoring

Incubation temperature control

The temperature measurement of breeding industry

Greenhouse greenhouse temperature monitoring

Home refrigerator


The temperature sensor adopts a stainless steel sheath with a layer of high thermal insulating silicone grease and a layer of insulating sealant, which makes the sensor more sensitive to the change of temperature.

The length of the sensor cable is 1 meter, and the installation connector is equipped with the matching of the GPRS type and the full range car machine (please specify the length of the extension cord when ordering).


1. When installing, please install the sensor as far as possible in the temperature area of the object or environment. When installed in the insulated car, the sensor can be installed in the height of one half of the car's height, so that the temperature of the measurement will not be changed due to the operation of the air conditioning unit.

2. When installing, install the sensor as far as possible to avoid the collision of the goods and avoid damage to the sensor during the collision.

3. The position of the sensor installation should avoid the position of water accumulation and narrow gap in space. The temperature of such position can be measured with the actual temperature and error and delay.

4. If there are other types of temperature recording devices on the vehicle, please install them in the same location with the probe of the equipment so that the consistency of recording temperature of different equipment can be improved.

5. The sensor walking line should avoid the high temperature area of the vehicle (such as engine, water tank).The wiring should be in line with the original car wire, and the wire should be fastened with the tie strap.

6. Walk the line as far as possible to avoid the dead Angle, avoid easy to squeeze, cut off the moving parts of the vehicle, avoid the failure of the line breaking, grinding short circuit.