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I Exhibition reception

1. Identification of effective customers

1.1 Important guest: when guests from far away to see our product, and are willing to get hand view, inquiry, tell you about him have purchasing plan, the customer is we want to pursue, so for this kind of customers, the salesman to record customer about every detail, as well as level as much as possible from the customer some mouth to spy on their company's information, such as sales channels, the main products of the company. At the same time, in the process of talking with our customer can see the customer business card information, such as whether to have the company's web site, E-mail, customer position and trademark, etc., which can be an important basis for judgment customer power scale.

1.2 General guests: the general customers will come to the exhibition with a certain purpose, such as looking for some products and matching suppliers and so on. Such customers come to the booth will be broad view products, and then select some items of interest, but only inquiry, no detailed purchase plan, this kind of people usually ask the product design may be more, because of the need to compare with other suppliers, or put our products in their subsequent supplier development scope, the customer may need to follow-up development for a long time, but also belongs to the good quality of the customer.

1.3 Regular guests: sometimes products can be of interest to them even if they are not within the target range. These guests are usually interested in certain products or a, then ask for details and record, this kind of customer also need us to take seriously, follow-up is necessary, because the customer must be think this kind of products or individual products will be suitable for a business idea.

1.4 Aimless guests: this kind of customer gives a person feeling aimless, walk a horse to look at flowers, east ask the west to ask. For such a client, the salesman doesn't have to spend too much time on them, because the next guest in the booth may be extremely interested.

1.5 Exchange card type: it is easy to judge purely out of collection product or supplier needs.

In a word, it is important to maintain good relationship with existing customers, but don't make small talk at the exhibition, so as not to influence the reception of new customers. Just be polite to the regular audience and don't spend too much time and energy. Of course, for important customers, key reception.

2. How to start?

2.1 Straight forward: we are the displacement sensor, have you used the displacement sensor before, the one that used, etc.

2.2 Not sure if the other person will speak English, and if there is a translation, don't be too long. It's easy to understand. Like “Hello. Nice to meet you .Welcome to our booth” is ok. Wait for a response, and then go on. Be enthusiastic and smile. A sincere smile is most likely to be close!

2.3. What about the first exhibition? It's okay to be nervous. As long as you are not flushed and tongue-tied. Believe that the small half day come down, you would not be nervous. Don't worry too much.

3. How to introduce your company and products?

3.1 To introduce specific products and specific contents, avoid empty space, for example, our sensor is very good.

E.g. We have supplied our products for XXXXX company for 5 years,  and XXXXcompany is quite satisfied for our quality. 
So I believe we can meet or exceed your quality requirements. This XXXX company is best for customers to know, or a little bit higher, not too much. Otherwise, it's a misunderstanding.

3.2 Product certificate and certification is a good way to get into the topic and print out the certificates that you have obtained. For example, SGS report, FSC certificate, environmental certificate, partner, factory inspection report, etc.

4. If all the colleagues are entertaining guests, what if there are new guests coming?

There are a lot of people in the fair, but guests who come in must go to the reception, otherwise the guests will soon slip away to the next one, and lose the opportunity. Could say with previous guest, wait a minute, and then went to the new guest, exchanging business CARDS, a simple introduction, arrangement of sat, rest, drink coffee, see the directory, such as the guests in front of and come back to continue negotiations. As long as the guests don't hang out for too long, the guests will be able to take care of them.

5. When encountering a professional or important client, the product manager should be involved in the communication.

6. Want to invite someone to take a picture, but embarrass?

Don't be embarrassed to invite guests to take photos, whether Chinese or foreigners. Stand next to the company LOGO or company name and let the guest remember you. In fact, there are so many people now that the average guest will agree to take photos. And the opportunity to meet is very precious, and you must seize the opportunity. Just remember to keep your smile on your face. If you are worried about the photo and business card of the guest, you can take a picture with the guest and then take another visitor registration form with guest card.

7. Business card collection

For important customer communication, you must keep a record on your business card. Know how busy you are at the exhibition and how you can remember so much information.

8. Data transmission.

Don't send material to every people. 

9. If the customer has information or quotation, it must be processed the same day.

Many customers, especially foreigners, bring laptops to check email, and it is now convenient to handle email. Therefore, if the customer has the information or quotation, it must be processed the same day.

10. Attention to the exhibition reception.

10.1 No matter whether the exhibition is busy or not busy, colleagues will not gather together to chat.

10.2 Don't judge a book by its cover.

10.3 Try not to eat or drink on the booth, make phone calls, read books or watch your phone.

II When you're not busy, you might as well go to other booths and learn a lot.

III The exhibition to follow up

In the development of customer follow-up process, analyze the customers are equally important, in the email to the customer before, see the client's website is essential to the action, avoid by all means take card direct mail, such not only can understand customers in business scope, history, size, etc., but also for subsequent recommended products and maintenance has a great effect.

For guests all have reply, we should attach equal importance to, especially the customer to follow up the development process of the bill of lading need some style, when it comes to a target price, purchase quantity, and so on, and we should all be in the shortest possible time to reply.

1. Customer classification

If you want to do well, you can't stay idle at night. Organize the guests during the day, and categorize, key customers, best to follow up that evening. For example, make a date to visit factory, have a meal, etc., don't wait until the show is over, and then follow up. At the end of the exhibition, most people will not be able to find or call or answer the phone.

If the guests are divided into A, B, C and D categories of customers; It can be divided into two categories: old customers, important customers, general customers, and other customers, which can be distinguished according to the customer identification mentioned in the previous paragraph.

2. Customer distribution

Could according to customer level, assign tasks to each salesman, for the important customer, can give the boss to contact!

3. Email follow-up care: 3 key points of content, where you come from, what you do, and what advantages you have.

3.1. The first email to guests after the exhibition should not be attached with the attachment, or with the url, link, etc., to avoid the mail being blocked or pulled into the spam mailbox. Photos and quotations can be sent in the second email.

3.2 Email request return receipt.

3.3 Email is best to send one-to-one.

3.4 Offer incentives to encourage customers to take further action.

3.5 Ask the guest for new requirements.

3.6. Suggest follow-up phone calls after email.

IV Other information

Reference template of invitation letter

Dear XXX: 
We sincerely invites you to join us in the name of exhibition, a professional and famous the fair type in the world which will be held in location from time. Meanwhile, you can visit the online introduction of the name of exhibition at exhibition website for more information. 
We are one of the most professional manufacturers in China, products covering in product type. And in this exhibition, we will show mainly exhibited products. However, please contact us if you have any interest in our product. 
We are very much expecting to establish a long term and good business relationship with your esteemed company in the near future. 
So, it would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition so that we can introduce our products to you. 
Booth No. :  
Location: Date: