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I. Take part in the exhibition is very important

1. The exhibition is the most effective channel for maintaining old customers and developing new customers.

2. Brands are more important than orders. Don't assume that took part in the fair, your business will be fine, the purchaser has collected a large number of suppliers business CARDS and promotional materials, suppliers also have a large collection of purchaser's business card, there is little possibility of trying to show to get a lot of orders. We should focus on industry development and brand promotion.

3. The exhibition is not only a suitable trading place, but also an ideal research place. At the exhibition, the exhibitors and visitors were not bothered to answer professional questions, and were even more willing to offer advice and advice than on other occasions. Therefore, doing research at the exhibition can save time, energy and valuable information. The participants are the main research objects; You can take time to visit other booths and do research on your competitors. You can also attend seminars, read reports on exhibitions and do research on market conditions.

4. For the new business, development of customers is the most important, and the experience of participating in the exhibition is also an opportunity to lay a solid foundation for your career. For old business, during the exhibition mainly emotional touch with old customer, understand customer's local market, recommend new products, and promote the follow-up orders, after all the customer all the way to here, also just one or two times a year, so grab this opportunity is one of the most important during the exhibition.

II. Preparations for the exhibition

Be familiar with the knowledge of your company and products, such as company size, advantages, etc. Learn more about your products, especially new products, which are important for some important parameters, new product prices, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare for some routine problems such as MOQ, packaging information, shipping port, and some hot items in a certain market, so as to avoid embarrassing situation when asked by clients.

1. Firstly, the exhibition plan should be determined, including exhibitions, speeches, seminars, conferences, gifts, advertisements and so on.

2. Preliminary publicity:

2.1 The message (time, location, booth number) of the email signature file is uniformly noted. As long as the booth is determined, the signature file can be put into place. So every email that comes out is propaganda.

2.2 Alibaba website and its own website BANNER promotion, in the same way, as long as the booth number is confirmed, can begin to make the BANNER.

2.3 Night and weekend email will automatically reply to the exhibition information.

2.4 Personal statement of Wangwang, MSN, Skype and so on.

2.5 A large number of invitations sent out in the first half month of the exhibition. For the reply, the customers who will come to the exhibition will record and do more homework. This information should be brought to the scene to check whether the guest actually came. If you don't see it, you can follow up on what's not coming.

2.6 The ringtone of the mobile phone and the seat machine is changed to the booth information, and remember to pay more and more to avoid the shutdown.

2.7 SNS website, BBS, etc.

2.8 Important customers, whether the order has been placed or ready to order, phone call or second invitation.

III. Customer visits and invitations, including visits, invitations and visits after the meeting.

IV. Materials preparation:

4.1 Booth design, including booth confirmation, special installation/standard exhibition design, poster design.

4.2 Product information: catalogue manual, poster, single page, qualification certificate, certification.

4.3 Exhibition supplies: badges, water and drinks, candy, pen, paper staplers, cellophane tape, cameras, laptops, and the visitor registration form (this is very important, it is suggested that contains the guest country, nature of the enterprise, evaluation of the company, consultation of product, whether the offer, the buyer card, stay in China for the time, is invited to the factory, hotel, buyers important degree grade, unawares, receiving time, whether the information such as photos.

4.4 Gifts: small gifts, green bags with company LOGO, usb drives.

4.5 Personnel documents, registration documents, id card, parking permit.

4.6 Business CARDS: determine the language of your business card according to your target market. The target market, for example, is Russia.

4.7 Samples and panels: featured products, hot products and products for the industry; New research and development products.

4.8 For foreign exhibitions, the qualified ones can be translated; In addition, it is also a good choice to install the translation software in your mobile phone for a rainy day.

V. Personnel training

5.1 Product training: parameters, dimensions, materials, prices, etc. Must be well grasped and memorized; Do not be the face of this buyer, the guest asks a question, must ask the manager, this can appear very unprofessional; MOQ, port of shipment and guarantee information should also be remembered.

5.2 Product price, many customers will ask the price directly, so specify the quotation strategy in advance.

5.3 Preparation for dressing, women can wear suits, men can wear shirts and trousers.

5.4 Work arrangement during the exhibition: the work is arranged ahead of schedule to ensure that other things are not occupied during the exhibition.

VI. Exhibition layout

6.1 Products of new products are placed first, and display height is in the comfortable line of sight, take easy to take.

6.2 Product series display, the same product has multiple colors, then display together, generally from shallow to deep.

6.3 The rest of the products are not serialized, but they can be arranged according to the similarity of shape and style.

6.4 The old items are generally placed under the frame, especially the heavy style.

6.5 Cheaper or used for promotional purposes can be placed at the top of the display, as it may be viewed and taken less frequently.

VII. Arrangement of the exhibition process

7.1 Time for admission and withdrawal.

7.2 Transportation of exhibits.

7.3 Tickets and tickets are booked in advance.