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Fuel level sensor and car machine communication process and FAQ

When fuel level sensor communicates with car machine, instrument, it is possible to use tools and software is as follows:


Multimeter, RS485 turn to USB adapter, RS232 turn to USB adapter, RS485 turn to RS232 converter, adjustable power supply, combination screwdriver, tape, etc.


Capacitance liquid level meter calibration software, serial port assistant, host computer, etc.

Sensor communicates with car machine step:

Step 1: Before installation, please determine whether the power supply voltage to the sensor is within the range (see the nameplate); Then, whether the output signal type is compatible with the car machine (voltage, current, RS232/RS485) and the serial configuration of the digital output (the device ID, baud rate , check bit);

Step 2: when installing, determine whether the connection line is correct; also ensure that the connection is strong;

Step 3: turn on the power to see if the data is correct

Basic problem solving method

After confirming the above steps 1, 2, sensor communicates with the car machine is still not normal, please complete the following steps to confirm:

Step 1: the sensors are connected to the PC through the adapter; open the serial port communication assistant;

Step 2: when the connection is normal, send the calibration command through the serial assistant to determine whether the sensor data is normal;

Step 3: if the sensor transceiver data is normal, when it is connected with the car machine, determine whether the connection of the sensor is correct with the car machine, and when necessary, to switch the connection to determine the normal;

Step 4: if the sensor send and receive data is not normal, then the sensor power will be disconnected, the wiring will be strong, and the electrical test will be re-tested. If it is still not normal, then the sensor fault is judged.