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With the rapid development of logistics industry, the increasing of freight vehicles, soaring oil prices, more and more high requirement of vehicle management especially for the oil consumption management, how to achieve prevent illeagle behaviors such as stealing fuel with minimal cost in the premise of safety, reduce operating costs has become the owner must face problem. At present, fuel consumption sensor has been widely used in vehicle fuel monitoring field, Soway technology is committed to provide owners with a complete solution for the GPS oil consumption monitoring system.

GPS fuel oil consumption real-time monitoring system, could achieve directly the data of vehicle fuel consumption, location, movement track, and parking record, etc., round-the-clock 24 hours monitoring vehicle fuel consumption, can clearly know the balance oil in tank, mileage, fuel consumption, frequency of refueling, position of refueling, gallons of refueling on the way.

GPS oil consumption real-time monitoring system which is convenient for fleet management, providing customers with accurate oil consumption data  of the vehicle engine.

system schematic

oil consuption monitoring 

Solution 1: reed float fuel consumption sensor

fuel sonsumption monitoring

Solution 2:  Capacitance Fuel Level Sensors to replace the previous tank sensor

Solution 3:  fuel consumption meter for engine fuel consumption

fuel oil consumption monitoring