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All-in-one solution for the vehicle monitoring

SOWAY series sensors are developed for the truck  monitoring to ensure you can acquire all the data you need for the fllet management; we can meet your needs if you let us know;

a, Fuel tank level measurement: detect how many fuel you filled and how many fuel the vehicle consumed, abnormal fuel consumption etc...

b, Fuel consumption of the engine: instant fuel consumption of the engine for the fuel consumption management

c, Load Status: monitor the truck loading status to avoid penalty caused by over-load

d, Rotation orientation status: to monitor and detect the concrete mixer truck rotation orientation and its rotation speed

e, Open/Close: Truck door, truck Cover, Truck lifting status

f, Others: detect the truck  temperature and other parameters

Details Description:

Fuel tank level sensor-capacitive level sensor

a, Adjustable: it can alarm automatically

b, Safety: replace original oil meter directly and do not need extra installation hole

c, Convenience: installed on the fuel tank directly and it is easy to installl

d, Independence: it can measure the fuel tank level to get the fuel consumption

e, Stability: no mechanical moving parts and all mold produced components to have better conformity 

Real time/ instant Fuel consumption monitor - flow meter

Install one fuel consumption meter in the oil input pipe and output pipe and acquire the real fuel consumption value by calculation. this function can avoid illegal driver behavior and acquire real data for fleet management

a, ±1% high accuracy

b, 1.5mL resolution

c, 3mL/min sensibility

Mining truck and dump truck over load monitoring - load sensor

Soway Load sensor based on ultra-precision LVDT displacement sensor to detect the spring leaf compression of the truck and acquire the truck weight.  it avoid the disadvantage of traditional weighing meter and has been recogninzed as an effective solution for the oaveload monitoring.

a, It detect the overload, empty load status

b, Special design and can be installed on the truck directly

c, Robust and long life usage

d, Easy to installation with customized fixture and tooling set

e, Can resist 5G/Hz vibration

Concrete mixer truck rotation orientation detection - orientation sensor/ speed sensor

a, Customized products for the concrete mixer truck to detect the rotation orientation

b, Non-contact design and long life usage

c, Monitor the truck speed and rotation orientation

Truck tank status - Proximity sensor detect the truck cover status and truck lifting status by proximity sensor

a, Water-proof and can detect 20mm scope

b, Metal housing and lower failure rate