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Load sensor

Can detect empty load, full load, overload or load change.

Special structure design, sensor can be installed in the vehicle.

Durable and will not be damaged.

Matching patent installation fixture, convenient and easy to debug.

Good aseismic performance, can reach 5G/Hz.

Apply to muck truck, dump truck, construction garbage truck, etc.

Fuel oil sensor for fuel tank

Replace original plant oil float, do not need perforation, installation is more convenient.

It can be cut off and easy to operate.

Flanges and threads can be installed in various ways.

Unique filtering processing technology makes the detection value more accurate.

Gate magnetic switch, lifting switch

It is used in box cover, lifting and return, door control and so on.

Compatible with high consistency and accuracy.

Imported core components, long service life.

Optional the installation method, shell material.

Normally open, normally closed and multiple signals optional.

Fuel oil consumption sensor

Uncalibrated, the measurement value is not affected by the change of oil and the turbulence of the vehicle.

Connect with GPS device via serial port.

Can monitor the instantaneous oil quantity, accumulated oil quantity, total time and other fuel consumption data.

Protect the interests of owners and reduce management costs.

Concrete truck, commercial concrete vehicle with positive reverse transfer sensor

Non-contact type, no mechanical wear, long service life.

Monitor the direction and speed of a concrete car or rotating equipment.

Float type fuel consumption sensor

Precision 5mm, 10mm and so on can be customized.

Dry reed sensor, without power supply, life is at least 10 million times.

Electrical resistance, voltage, current and other signal output.

Tank car with liquid level/fuel oil level sensor

Need daily maintenance and calibration, the ideal choice for long range liquid level measurement.

Non-contact measurement, no wear, long service life.

High precision fuel oil level sensor, measurement precision of 0.5‰.

Multiple modes of communication: voltage, current, SSI, Modbus.

IP67 protection grade, Exd II CT6 explosion-proof certification.