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1 Rotation orientation sensor: according to the magnets working principle, when the N pole close to S pole, a positive magnetic force will be created to trigger the switch and sensor output low voltage signal; when the rotation tank are rotating on the drum mixer tuck, install 2 magnets and judge the drum truck rotation orientation by the low voltage maintenance time.

2 Rotation speed sensor: SPH3A0 series of positive and negative rotation speed sensor is tested by Hall principle. Two pcs of magnets with opposite poles need to be fixed on the axis and wheel (the two pcs of magnets are symmetrically distributed, and N pole of one magnet should be fixed facing the sensor and S pole of another magnet should be fixed facing the sensor), and fix the of the arrow on the sensor’s probe test surface facing the rotating arc of the magnet.When the wheel or the axis rotating;

Output Definition& Specification:

Installation and usage:

1. When the turntable stops, the sensor output maintains the original status. When positive rotating, it stops
maintaining low electrical level. And when negative rotating, it stops maintaining high electrical level.
2. The power supply voltage cannot exceed the range, otherwise it will lead to the damage of the core components.
3. Recommended installing distance between sensor probe and magnet is 5~10mm.
4. Stalling testing time is one minute, if the actual rotating speed is too slow, which leads to the interval of over one
minute between two normal signals, it can be solved by adding magnets’ quantity. And the quantity of magnets
is even number, N/S poles of the magnets should be put with interval.
5. Avoid the movable parts and parts with serious fever of the vehicle as soon as possible when wiring, and should
be strongly fastened.
6.  Connect the signal wire first, then connect the power supply wire. Connect the wire strictly according to the specification.