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Commercial concrete truck, concrete mixer vehicle management sensor solution

Traditional vehicle management is to install GPS/Beidou positioning terminal. Install float type oil level sensor. This approach does address individual issues in the early stage, such as monitoring vehicle position, tracking vehicle tracks and monitoring fuel tank oil level. But this kind of monitoring is coarse, the accuracy is low, false report much.

In response to this situation, Soway has developed a series of vehicle status monitoring sensors for the market demand and the characteristics of the commercial concrete industry.

1. The SFCG20L oil sensor can effectively monitor the oil level of oil tank, prevent oil theft, record the oil tank quantity, the number of times of refueling, etc. Capacitive liquid level sensor used agent is formed between pole and container capacity has a linear variation law with the liquid level, the level of variation is converted into linear output, can be directly display liquid level height or transmitted by wireless sent directly to the remote monitoring system. The same sensor can change the measurement medium or change the installation environment at any time, without the need to re-calibrate all the automatic adaptation and accurate measurement, without the influence of dielectric constant and temperature change. For example a SFCG type automobile oil level sensor mounted to the tanker, the car from moving south to the north of our country, regardless of the label of its fuel replacement, or need to add any additives calibration can accurately measure the oil level. And temperature, RF interference and other factors have no effect on the sensor.

2. HOCM high-precision fuel consumption meter, also known as fuel consumption meter, which is installed in and back oil; Fuel consumption instrument is using the positive displacement principle to implement state monitoring on vehicle fuel consumption, the measuring accuracy is not affected by oil change, bumpy road, the characteristics of small volume, light weight, seismic, by monitoring the vehicle oil line of instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, total time, optimal operation, makes concrete mixing on the shorter time, full use of the vehicle, the fuel consumption can be reduced, such as spending to reduce vehicle fuel consumption.

3. The SPH3A0 series positive and reverse rotational speed sensor is tested by Hall principle. Just in the shaft or round detection in fixed 2 magnets (two magnets symmetric distribution, and must be a magnet N pole toward the sensor, the other magnet S pole toward the sensor installation), the sensor probe test the arrow in the face of the magnet rotating arc fixed well. When the wheel or shaft is rotating, with the magnet along the direction of the arrow to sweep the sensor probe, the output of line 2 is turning signal (low level), and the output of line 4 is turning the speed pulse signal; On the other hand, the output reversal signal of line 2 (high level), and no. 4 output reversal speed pulse signal.

4. SDVH36 load sensors work according to the principle of inductance. Because the weight change causes the spring deformation of the steel plate to produce the displacement, the displacement is measured and the related circuit is converted into voltage output. The platform calculates the load based on the change in voltage. Load sensors can monitor the load status of vehicles, such as empty load, full load, overload, overload, etc.


1. The above sensors are all individual hardware devices; Can be used with terminal equipment and network platform; The sensor is responsible for collecting data and sending the GPS/Beidou terminal device to the monitoring platform (such as ERP system).

2. The sensor provides basic data, and the platform needs to screen, analyze and process data, and implement various applications.

3. For users who do not have GPS installed, the transmission module can be installed to collect the data into the office management platform.

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4、Status of rotation:To measure the rotation speed and rotation status of concrete mixer truck.

5、Status of vehicle:Monitor of door, container and status of lift.

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