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Muck truck transportation management: monitor empty running, full load, overloaded and load changes

With the rapid development of modern social economy, urbanization process accelerated, need more and more heavy truck transport construction demolition waste and building earthwork, this car is also called muck car, dump truck, compare with other transport vehicles, due to the economic interests of the driven, muck truck with traffic violations, overload, random drip problem is more serious, at the same time, because the owner lack of responsibility, involving many government controls, the huge monitoring content, etc., the management process is often difficult, , of course effect is imperfect.

Through the vehicle video monitor, GPS / Beidou positioning terminal, condition monitoring sensor, network scheduling and monitoring platform, such as a complete set of solutions, relevant regulation will effectively solve the difficulty muck truck management. Can real-time monitor the following vehicle state:

1, A cover or tarpaulins closed sensors to monitor whether the lid closed, preventing violations of muck truck random drip

2, A loaded sensors to monitor whether overload, empty running, prevent the vehicle overload transportation and run empty

3, By GPS or Beidou positioning terminal, real-time monitoring vehicles position, movement track, prevent not run according to the specified location and not discharge specified route

4, By lifting sensor, whether monitoring vehicle unloading

5, Video equipment installation, provide intuitive basis for monitoring treatment

6, Onboard the RFID electronic tag, build electronic fence