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How to use Soway truck Load Sensor for Dump Truck overload Monitoring?

Background of developing dump truck overload monitoring sensor:

Overload, illegal dumping, unauthorized using of trucks, illegal operation have been growing problems since the booming of truck logistics in recent years. Obviously, the traditional solutions such as truck scale are not ideal solution due to its high cost, high error rate and high failure rate. Soway truck load sensor has solved this problem perfectly to monitor the overload status of the truck.

Principle of the truck load sensor:

a, Based on ultra-accuracy LDVT displacement sensor principle;
b, Changes of weight extend or compress the spring,  load sensor gets the accurate changing weight by measuring the displacement of the Spring leaf. Sensors detect events or changes in its environment, and provide a corresponding output signal to the driver through transmitter so that the fleet management platform can know the truck overload status.

principle of truck load sensor

Specification of the truck load sensor:

System Schematic:

The vehicle condition monitoring parameters, can be in management/backup scheduling network platform, real-time display and processing, when the car once appear residue in irregularities, such as speeding, overloading, optional away, do not close the lid, management platform immediately alarm, notify the relevant personnel for processing, and the process is a basis, the evidence.

This system is known as the "refuse truck intelligent management system", which can not only regulate the transport behavior of the refuse trucks; In addition, through data processing, it can also plan the road of the residual vehicles scientifically. According to the need of reasonable scheduling of vehicles, the working efficiency of the residue trucks can be optimized.

It is understood that the system consists of sensor, GPS/Beidou terminal, management platform of three parts, including sensor parts with different sensors according to actual demand, such as load sensor, the carriage lid closed sensor, oil level sensor, fuel consumption sensor, etc.