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Printer is one of the most commonly used in daily office equipment, large format printer has been widely applied in recent years, such as a large poster, short version art reproductions, automotive body advertising, short version of the wallpaper printing, all need to use the large printer.

Large printers cost more, and their ink cartridges are bulky. In the ink box content are usually equipped with stainless steel float liquid level switch, its effect is to measure the perception of the ink box liquid level height, when the liquid level reaches the specified height, the float liquid level switch sensing liquid level and output on-off signal, this signal is transmitted to the printer control system for warning or notice the printer operator: ink is used up, please, and add the ink; If the operator has not added ink for a certain time, the automatic control system can stop the printer operation to ensure the overall operation of the equipment.

Usually the printer ink has certain corrosion, equipment working environment is harsh, so choose high quality stainless steel float liquid level switch, it is important for the printing equipment reliability and life expectancy; SF131 series stainless steel level switch is Soway Company’s r&d and production. The material is SUS 316L, and the core components are all imported components. SF131 can be installed in large printer ink box to detect ink page height.

SF131 series stainless steel liquid level switches with various dimensions to meet different volume of ink cartridges; not only that, but also the length of the measuring rod can be customized according to the height of the box.