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Classification of Soway liquid level sensor

1. Capacitive level sensor

2. Magnetostrictive liquid level sensor

3. LVDT float type liquid level sensor

4. Dry reed level sensor (liquid level switch)

Advantages and characteristics of Soway liquid level sensor

1. The product has the ATEX flame-proof certification ExdⅡCT6 Gb, safe and efficient.

2. Output signal support current, voltage, SSI, Modbus.

3. 3226 square meters of R&D and manufacturing base, top domestic engineers provide customers with solutions, and accept customized products, adjust the structure of products, electrical parameters, mechanical dimensions, etc.

1. Capacitive level sensor

1) Product features

A. Customers can easily adjust the measurement range and recalibrate to fit different models of containers.

B. Indication table (showing fuel level and mass) can be selected.

C. Installation is easy and security.

D. Wireless mode is optional. Explosion-proof and lightning protection is optional.

2) Application field of capacitance level sensor

A. Chemical plant tests the liquid level of chemical raw materials such as polyester, spandex, acid and alkali, etc.

B. fuel and petroleum testing

C. Water level detection, etc.

Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor

Magnetostrictive liquid level sensor

1) Product features

A. Protection grade is IP65-IP68, product has ATEX explosion-proof certification.

B. Using a double float, two liquid level interfaces can be measured at the same time.

C. It is convenient and easy to observe, with calibration software, LED judgment errors.

D. Multiple output mode current, voltage, SSI, Modbus.

E. Non-contact measurement, free maintenance, easy installation, threaded or flanged.

2) Application of magnetostrictive liquid level sensor

A. Fuel reservoir system: fuel and water interface measurement

B. Pharmaceutical, biological engineering: mixed control of liquid ratio

C. Water resources: real-time monitoring of liquid level

D. Food and beverage: tank level control

Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

3. LVDT float type liquid level sensor

1) Product features

A. External diameter has 20mm, 12mm, and stainless steel 304 shells.

B. The protection level can reach IP68, dust-proof and anti-pollution, anti-radiation and underwater operation.

C. High frequency, dc single power supply, built-in high performance signal regulator.

2) LVDT float type liquid level sensor application field (suitable for small range and high-precision liquid level detection)

A. Laboratory

B. Pharmaceutical filling

C. Liquid level detection of fuel tank and water tank

LVDT Level Sensor

4. Dry reed level sensor (liquid level switch)

Float liquid level switch belongs to a kind of dry reed float liquid level switch. Float ball floats up and down with the liquid level, when floats to the designated position, the magnetic reed switch in the rod induces the magnetic field and outputs the signal (normally open or closed).

1) Product features

A. No standby power consumption, normally open, normally closed, single pole double throw C type optional

B. Multiple detection methods, single point, double point, multi-point detection.

C. Simple structure, stable performance and high cost performance are the most widely used liquid level sensor (liquid level switch) at present.

2) Dry reed type liquid level sensor application field

A. Sewage treatment, agricultural pond

B. Coffee machines, water dispensers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, washing machines and other household appliances

C. Auto radiator

Float Level Switch