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Special water level switch for intelligent toilet

Special intelligent toilet water level switch is a normally open, high pressure normally open, normally closed or convert contacts and float switch with integrated brake screws, must be installed vertically in order to achieve the best effect. Provide various cable lengths and connector options. It is widely used in advanced toilet and sanitary ware as control liquid switch.

The float water level switch is used to measure water level and liquid level through magnetic induction. The float is equipped with a magnet, and the liquid level of the plastic float is equipped with an imported dry reed switch or a magnetic reed switch, which is connected to two wires. Dry reed switch with high temperature black glue or low temperature white glue filled in the body, through float up and down to measure liquid level. When the float is move to the dry reed by water or other liquid, the magnet will absorb together the two reeds in the dry reed switch to give the on-off signal.

Liquid level switch application

Intelligent toilet, clean treasure, electronic bathroom level control