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Float switch used in air-conditioning fans in the tank, which can realize without water onpower, with water cut off power or with water on power, without water cut off power, and other functions, to achieve water level automatic monitoring function, prevent anhydrous dry, let customer in the use of air-conditioning fans, don't have to worry about no water in tank, fully enjoy the summer cool and refreshing feeling, to ensure the safety of using, also can be applied to other small home appliance used in liquid level monitor, make alarm function.

1. It is mainly used to control the liquid level of air conditioning fan tank to prevent dry burning and water pump without water;

2. No standby power consumption, normally open, normally closed,Single Pole Double Throw type optional;

3. Can customize the measurement scope and connection mode;

4. Shell material engineering plastics;

5. High cost performance, high stability and long service life.