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Humidifier water level switch, is to use the principle of magnetic ball float liquid level switch, set within the floating ball rod is equipped with a powerful constant magnetic field, as a result of the liquid level rising or falling, move up and down float, float within the magnetic field, triggering the dry reed switch in the rod movement. It has been successfully applied to all kinds of air conditioner (cold fan), water dispenser, mobile air conditioning, humidifier, dehumidifier, dispenser and all kinds of water level control equipment series.

Working principle

When the humidifier's water runs out, the float drops, the switch is connected, and the humidifier stops working automatically. 

Product parameters

1. Switching power: 10W

2. Switching voltage: dc180-200 / ac130-140v

3. Switching current: DC/AC 0.25 to 0.5 A

4. Switching load current: 1.5-1.75A

5. Switching breakdown voltage: DC230V