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Small float switch, small level controller and liquid level sensor are mainly composed of magnetic spring switch and float. The float has magnetic material, and the float moves up and down with the liquid level, which triggers the magnetic reed switch to detect the position of the liquid level. Liquid level sensor adopts imported switch element, has a lighter, simple working principle and the characteristics of high reliability, the price is cheap, there are different materials and specifications of the float to choose from, electrical parameters can be changed according to customer requirements, special specifications can be customized.

Working principle:

When the water in the water cooler falls down to the lower water level, the switch is connected to automatic water filling;When the float is up to the high water level, the switch is switched on and stopped.

Product features:

1. Can do multi-point control, the control switch can be customized with the position of the liquid.

2. No power supply is required by using a magnetic reed switch.

3. Single support can be used for multi-point control, but the price of a floating ball is lower.

4. Adopt imported core components, high reliability, easy installation, M10, M16, flange installation optional.

5. The finished product is made of stainless steel sus304/316, which can be used in high temperature and high pressure places, and other PP,PVC and PVDF plastic materials can be used in strong acid and alkaline places.

6. This product can be applied to liquids of different density, different acid base, different pressure and temperature.