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The development history of world manufacturing industry is the high-level countries continuously transfer their manufacturing cost high low-level industries to possess the basic condition of secondary countries, through such chain level to level.The technology and capital of the advanced countries can not only expand the employment, but also increase the consumption of the country, and promote the expansion of the market, thus forming a virtuous circle.

Because the human cost is low, the local government subsidies, have a certain production technology foundation, good conditions, such as the world around 2000 large-scale manufacturing into China, in particular the pearl river delta region of China's coastal areas manufacturing industry rapidly developed into the "world factory", however, before the domestic manufacturing most concentrated in the "mid-range" manufacturing, in the next few years domestic high-level manufacturing will become mainstream, medium and low-level manufacturing is transferred to the southeast Asia, South Asia in the 2030 years ago.

High, middle and bottom manufacturing route map: United States, Japan, asia-pacific, China, southeast Asia, South Asia