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Magnetostrictive Displacement sensors apply the principles of magnetostriction to create a reliable position measurement system.Non-contact measurement, long lifespan, available for various environment; needn’t regular calibration and maintenance;absolute value output, restart without making zero;high accuracy, high stability, high reliability, high repeatability technical characteristics;current, voltage, SSI, Modbus, PROFIBUS output, which apply widely in petroleum, steel, chemicals, ports, machinery and food industries, even in harsh working conditions.It is the first selection of high precision displacement control.

Linear and absolute measurement
Non-contact sensing with highest durability
Linearity: better than +/- 0.05% F.S
Repeatability: 0.002% F.S
Linear displacement sensor forhydraulic cylinders and machine manufacturing
Embedded cylinder application
Long service life, one year warranty
Totally design and manufacture by SOWAY


1. Supply power requirement:+24VDC±10%, supply current of each sensor must be greater than 150 mA.

2. The shield wire must be wired avoid high-power electrical equipment, high voltage cable and strong electromagnetic radiation place;

3. The shielding wires must be kept in good condition without broken wires, and wired to ground.