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Directindustry is search engine optimization (seo), online exhibition, industry websites, professional B2B platform in new language more, more keywords, more international localization e-commerce search engine promotion platform. Directindustry provides a high-quality industrial brand display platform for the world's best manufacturers, and provides a brand gathering and information comprehensive procurement platform for global purchasers.Finally realize the seamless connection between global sourcing and supply, become the cradle of the world brand and make a unique contribution to world economic integration.

Soway信为, oriented from the Chinese words for credibility(信) and achievement(为), is given by our everlasting creed. Since the foundation of 2002, we have been committing ourselves to providing all-in-one solutions in the field of displacement and level measurement.

Considering the expertise needed in displacement and level measurement, we provide a special-care plan within the lifespan of our products.