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There are a lot of difference between new energy vehicles and the traditional car on the drive way, new energy vehicles driven mainly by motor, including the permanent magnet synchronous motor, wheel motor, hub motors, etc., the hub motor technology is considered to be the future of new energy drive technology, has broad prospects for development. 

The principle of hub motor is that the motor is embedded in the wheels, the stator is fixed on the tire, the rotor is fixed on the axle. According to the position sensor signal, the electronic commutator controls the order and time of the stator winding and produces a rotating magnetic field which drives the rotor rotation.

Hub motor technology, the biggest characteristic is to power transmission and braking device integration to the wheels, simplifies the mechanical parts of electric vehicles. Globally, the Japanese, American, German, French and other car companies has already developed and applied; the domestic car companies are starting to hub motor technology in recent years, but remain in the test phase.
In recent years at abroad, the application of the hub motor driver technology is mainly manifested in two aspects: first is based on tire makers or auto parts manufacturers, the r&d team develop integrated electric system; second is the whole vehicle manufacturers and hub motor manufacturers joint together to develop the electric car. With new energy vehicles companies continue to promote sustainable development, and hub motor technology industrialization time will soon come.