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Water switch for cold water machine

Water flow switch in the cold water machine plays a important role in protection, cold water machine in the cooling water circuit and chilled water loop water flowing to boot, it plays to monitor the effect of cooling water and chilled water flow state.

I. product features:

1. The small flow starts 0.5L~1.0 L/min, and the large flow rate passes 6.0L/min

2. Patented products designed without spring and magnet repulsion force are safe and reliable. 

4. "permanent magnet filter", self-cleaning impurity function. 

5. It can be used in the fast heating electric water heater to realize the power saving and power saving. 

6. Soway products can soften water.After three layers of strong magnetization, water is not easy to scale, which is good for bathing. 

7. The core components are imported from the United States for dry spring pipes, which can be moved more than 10 million times and have a long life expectancy.

Ii. Working principle:

1. The magnetic flow switch is an important part of the thermal electric water heater. When the inlet has 0.5L water flow, it is connected to the circuit and the electric water heater starts heating.When the water stops, the water heater stops working. 

2. The magnetic floating water flow switch is used to control the power of the dry reed switch through the magnet and realize passive and non-contact work to achieve safety and reliability. 

3. The magnetic flow switch is a water - off protection device which can feel the start of water flow through the sensor and then cut or close the control components

The disadvantages of traditional shrapnel type flow switch (mechanical switch) : it takes a lot of traffic to start the switch.Moreover, after a period of time on the switch, there will be wear and tear, resulting in a reduced sensitivity or even an inability to return to the position of safety, which can lead to the risk of dry burning.

Iii. Precautions

1. The flow of water switch must be greater than 0.5 L/min, otherwise the water flow switch will not start when the water flow passes.

2. The flow of water switch must be less than 6/ min, otherwise the flow switch may be bad.

3. Water flow switch is usually open by default;For frequent closures, please contact technical contact

4. Convenient installation of water flow switch, horizontal or vertical installation;But the water must be directed by the arrow.

3. Application of water flow switch

1. Storage water heater, which can realize water cutting off power and water electricity, enables users to rely on in a state of without electricity, and ensure the absolute safety, wash bath not only is beneficial to health, wash bath and power saving effect is remarkable.

Instant heating type electric water heater    

2. In the area of central air conditioning, magnetic water flow switches are mainly applied to the unit products of water-bearing systems, including water source and cold water units.The water flow switch controls the chain type of the machine and avoids the damage to the machine due to water shortage and interruption in the water system pipeline, which can protect the compressor.

Central air conditioning water system

3. Self-regulating welding is also used for water flow switch