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Electronic lock, have rectifier coupling (power key), magnetic coupling electronic lock, resonant electronic lock, photoelectric coupling electronic lock. The magnetic coupling electronic lock, using non-magnetic CARDS as the key, according to the design requirements, small magnet is arranged on the card and pasted, and set dry reed or encapsulation reed or dry reed switch (unified under dry reed switch) in the corresponding control circuit of the lock body, when the cardholder use card near the dry reed switch and alignment, the dry reed switch connected, or disconnected, the control circuit status of the internal contact would be changed, to encode control circuit drive, and open the lock. Since the locking head of the electronic lock is installed on the inside of the door, there is no hole in the door. Only those who are familiar with the door lock installation can open the lock quickly. If the alarm circuit is mounted on the lock, the outsider will try to unlock the lock, and the other card is not in the right position, not only the lock cannot be opened, but also the alarm device will be triggered.

In addition, if the electronic lock can set multiple dry reed switches close to the switch, only the lock can be opened when all the dry reed switches are triggered. This can greatly increase the security of electronic locks.

Electronic lock use dry reed switch, and model is mainly composed of the following form, which are the difference between parameters, size, shape, but all the principle is a dry reed switch, its characteristic is small size, without power supply, absolute on-off, long service life.

MDSR-10 SMD Type


RM-02 PCB Encapsulation Type


P127/128 Dry Reed Switch