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1. Check distance

Check the stopping, starting and passing of elevator and lifting equipment; Detecting the position of the vehicle, preventing the collision of two objects; Setting position of the testing machine, the limit position of the moving machine or part; Checking the stop position of the rotary objects, the opening or closing of the valve; Checking the position of piston in cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.

2. Size control

Size control device for metal plate punching shear; Automatic selection and identification of metal parts length; The height of the cargo during automatic loading and unloading; Checking the length, width, height and volume of the cargo; Checking whether the object or parts exists status; whether there are packing boxes on the production packaging line.

3. Rotational Speed and speed control

Control the speed of conveyor belt; Control the rotational speed of the rotating machinery; Control speed and rotation with various pulse generators.

4. Counting and control

Test the number of products on the line; The number of revolutions in high-speed rotating axes or disks; Parts count.

5. Abnormal detection

Checking for the availability of bottle caps, product qualified and unqualified; Detecting the lack of metal products in the packing box; Distinguishing between metallic and non-metallic parts; the product has no sign detection; Warning of dangerous area of crane; the escalator automatically stops.

6. Metering control

Automatic measurement of products or parts; The scope of the pointer or meter control number or flow; Test buoy control surface height, flow rate; Testing the iron buoy in stainless steel drum; Controlling of the upper or lower limit of the meter range; Flow control, horizontal level control.