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The disadvantages of traditional shrapnel type flow switch (mechanical switch) : it takes a largeinitial flow to start the switch. Moreover, after a period of time on the switch, there will be wear and tear, resulting in a reduced sensitivity or even an inability to return to the position of safety, which can lead to the risk of dry burning.

Magnetic flow switch can output on or off signal according to the flow, it is an important component of the fluid flow control system. When the flow in the pipe is lager than start-up volume, magnetic valve core is forced by the flow pressure to move forward then trigger the reed switch. When the flow decrease to a volume smaller than start-up volume, magnetic valve core is forced back to the original place by the repellant force of the reset magnet, the reed switch recovers.

Use magnetic piston valve core, recover by magnetic force, can installation from any angle

Case material is nylon(PA) and glass fiber, has good mechanical strength and corrosio-nresistance. Reed switch is sealed by hot melt adhesive and epoxyresin, is very solid and reliable, is waterproof and dustproof