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Magnetic switch is to examine the main workings function of the cylinder piston, and magnetic switch driven by cylinder for reciprocating motion magnets do same cycle of movement, namely the magnet near a proximity switch can output a high level; in the work of cylinder, the magnetic switch checks the operation of cylinder piston.

1. Where are the advantages of cylinder magnetic switch?

In order to detect the position of cylinder stroke, it is generally necessary to set the machine control valve or the travel switch (bracket installation) at both ends of the stroke, and the collision block should be set at the end of the piston rod.

The magnetic switch of cylinder can not only detect the position of cylinder travel, but also need not install the control valve, travel switch and block, so it is convenient and compact.In addition, magnetic switch has the characteristics of long life, low cost and fast switching.

2. How does the magnetic switch achieve control in working engineering of cylinder?

The magnetic switch of cylinder is a movement that drives the magnet to do the same period with the cylinder, which is the magnet near the close switch to output a high level. In the work engineering of cylinder, the magnetic switch checks the operation of cylinder piston. When the magnetic loop of the cylinder is moved, the magnetic reed of the magnetic switch will be triggered to a certain extent, which will close the contact and output the signal; When the magnetic ring of the cylinder is far away from the induction switch to a certain extent, the magnetic reed loses the magnetism of the induction, which makes the contact disconnect and the signal output is interrupted. In this way, the position of cylinder piston can be checked to control the corresponding solenoid valve action.


1. The cylinder uses magnetic switch to be divided into contact magnetic spring tube type and non-contact transistor type.Here is the contact magnetic spring tube type.

2. The cylinder is just a magnetic ring, and it needs a magnetic switch, which is usually open.

3. During installation, remember not to let the magnetic switch get bigger impact; If you hit with a hammer, throw at high altitude, etc.

4. The installation and use of magnetic switch shall not have a strong magnetic environment.

5. The magnetic switch shall not be in water, coolant, etc.

6. Avoid the magnetic switch to be the material with the influence of the magnetic switch, such as cutting foam and welding slag.

7. The direct distance of the magnetic switch must be greater than the magnetic hysteresis distance (usually 3mm);Cylinder spacing is greater than 40mm.