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The dry reed magnetic proximity switch is widely used as a magnetic field, which is characterized by compact structure, small weight and no power supply.Door magnetic switch is actually a position sensor, and it can pass the door magnetic switch and change the location of the relationship between moving objects, displacement can be converted to electrical signals, so as to achieve the aim of control and measurement.

For example, open door magnetic, mounted on a fixed door frame, installed magnet on the moving door side; 

When the door is open, the door magnetic switch is out of the magnetic field, and the internal dry spring tube does not accept the magnetic field, so the output signal is the disconnection; When the door is closed, the door magnetic switch is affected by the magnetic field due to its proximity to the magnetic field, so the output model is closed. 

The lights can be extinguished or switched on according to the opening or closing of the door.The above is the normally open door magnetic switch, if it is normally closed type door magnetic switch, when the door opens or the door is closed, the output signal is the opposite, to achieve different functional requirements.

Magnetic Proximity Switch,Our SP contacts are Double Strength. Each switch is welded with a solid brass splice in order to provide

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1” SP Wide Gap Performance
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Self-Adhesive or Screw Mounting
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