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Magnetic proximity switch is to use the displacement sensor to control the sensitivity of the object to reach the switch. How to determine the technical parameters of magnetic proximity switch? Here's a quick introduction:

1. Action distance measurement: action positive induction surface near the proximity switch, proximity switch action distance is the biggest action distance proximity switch, the data should be within the parameters of the product.

2. Determination of the distance of release: when the action of action is left close to the sensing surface of the switch, when the switch moves from the action to release, the maximum distance of the action movie from the sensing surface is to release the distance.The same data should be within the parameters of the product.

3. Determination of the differential H: the absolute value of the difference between maximum movement distance and the release distance.The data should be within the parameters of the product

4. Action frequency measurement: the use of speed regulating motor to drive the bakelite disc, remember to fixed number of sheet steel on the disc, then adjust the distance between the action and switch between induction surface, as far as possible in the switch movement distance of about 80%.When ready, start rotating disk, take action to close to switch, then start the motor, slowly increase the speed, the speed and the product of the action and equal conditions, the frequency count directly after the action of frequency meter read switch frequency.