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  Magnetostrictive position measurement systems are firmly entrenched in plant engineering and automation technology. Areas of use in which high reliability and precision are in demand are typical application areas for magnetostrictive sensors.

    Non-contact, precise and absolute measuring are the critical features that have brought linear magnetostrictive encoders into widespread industrial use. The contactless and thus wear-free working method helps to prevent expensive service calls and the hassle of downtimes.

    The operating principle allows it to be installed in hermetically sealed housings. The current position information is transferred via magnetic fields contactlessly through the housing wall to the internal sensor element. In principle, the simultaneous measurement of multiple positions with one measurement system is possible. Without inconvenient, high-effort and error-prone seal designs, magnetostrictive position measurement systems achieve a degree of protection of IP 65 to IP 67. The high resistance with regard to shocks and vibration stresses extend the industrial fields of application greatly into heavy machinery and system design. The measurement and position values, which are available as absolute values immediately after switching on the system, are required in many applications. Because the reference runs are omitted, machine availability is increased substantially.


Areas of application

■ Pitch adjustment on wind generators

■ Positioning reflection channels of thermosolar power plants

■ Large, hydraulically powered valves

■ Casting and rolling mills

■ Lift controls

■ Flight simulators

■ Foundries

■ Logging machines

■ Automation engineering

■ Hydroelectric power plants

■ Locks and floodgates

■ Construction machinery

■ Combine harvesters

Structural design and calculations

■ Active support of walls

■ Bridge positioning and lifting technology

■ Leveling structures

■ Off-shore sector

■ Tunnel construction

Industrial applications

■ Pumps and compressors

■ Elevator and lifting technology

■ Forging presses

■ High-pressure hydraulics