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The linear displacement sensor can be used to measure the displacement of the cylinder

In tunnel construction equipment, the structure characteristics and supporting facilities of shield machines are different. In some complex shield machine whose functions are systematic and diverse, including mechanical, hydraulic, measurement, control and so on. For example, some kinds of composite shield machines, there are many functions including excavation system, main drive system, propulsion system, grouting system and hydraulic system, etc.

As a kind of linear sensor, displacement sensor is mainly used to measure the mechanical displacement, every group of the propulsion system of shield machine oil cylinder, all are equipped with a displacement sensor, is used to measure the displacement of oil cylinder propelling.

The subsection in the oil cylinder of the shield machine propulsion system is usually shown in the following chart, the top (group A), the right (group B), the bottom (group C), the left (group D).Each of the group of cylinders has a single displacement sensor.


In advance, propulsion oil cylinder sticking out, gripper would provide the anti-force of the shield machine on the pipe. The pressure of the cylinder can be independent adjustment, by looking at the each group of oil cylinder propulsion data detecting by displacement sensor, construction personnel in the control room can be real-time monitoring of each group of oil cylinder stroke and pressure. By adjusting the push pressure and speed of each cylinder, the correction and adjustment of the shield machine can be realized.

Soway could customize the linear displacement sensor for the customer, will not affect the steel structure of the cylinder, and the sensor installation position is flexible and convenient for maintenance.