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Ultrahigh linearity and repeatability
Long service life at least 5 million times, one year warranty
Totally design and manufacture by SOWAY
Application: Thickness detecting for Glass , Phone's shell etc., Gap distance detecting and other high accuracy linear position detecting required

1. There are AC and DC excitation in the same model

2. Displacement range: 2.5mm - 600mm

3. Resolution < 1µm

4. Linear error < 0.5%

5. The frequency range of AC excitation is 50Hz,1V-10Vrms

6. DC excitation is with 10-24vdc power supply

7. Spring loaded type, end connecting rod bearing;the side and end outlet

8. Plug, multi-core cable, solid connector, waterproof form

9. Working temperature range is -40ºC to +180ºC