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Displacement sensor in automobile engine, gearbox, axle differential assembly line is mainly used to detect the roller clearance, the thickness of the gasket, the parameters of the gear inside diameter tolerance, geometry size for auto parts whether qualified important reference index.Such measurements are generally required: the installation space is limited, the measuring precision is high, the mechanical life is long, and the LVDT with 8mm outer diameter has the characteristics of small size, non-mechanical friction and high repeatability.

Product features

1. Small outer diameter and short main body

2. High repeatability

3. Built-in high precision linear bearing

4. Tungsten steel/artificial ruby probe

5. 1-10 million workwithout fail



Outer diameter

Characteristics overview

Stroke range

Spring loaded


20 mm

Built-in bearing, enhance the stability of the probe and improve the precision of the rebound displacement sensor

0-50 mm

Separate probe


20 mm

Stainless steel 304 shell

0-500 mm

Separate Electronic silo



Stainless steel 304 shell

0-500 mm

Pen probe



Probe uses the high hardness and  wear-resistant material tungsten carbide

0-10 mm