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Fuel economy is one of the main performance indicators of marine diesel engines. Generally, fuel consumption (rate) is used to evaluate the current fuel consumption measurement instruments. Commonly used methods include volumetric method and gravimetric method.

Soway uses a high-sensitivity positive displacement flow sensor as the core, which is non-destructively installed in the oil path between the fuel tank and the engine. The fuel consumption totalizer can be used to measure real-time data such as fuel consumption and working time during engine operation, without affecting the original vehicle. The oil circuit has realized functions such as automatic exhaust, balanced pressure, oil temperature equalization, etc.; oil-filled measurement principle and closed oil control system, measurement accuracy up to 0.5%.

Easy installation, universal hose connector design, installation does not damage the fuel tank, tubing, plug and play; fuel consumption calculator supports multiple analog / pulse signal input, can be customized; support ModBus standard communication protocol; supports a variety of communication interfaces.