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Intelligent transportation System, ITS (Intelligent Transport System) is comprehensive application of the advanced communication technology, automatic control technology, computer technology in traffic management System, than establish a real-time, accurate and efficient traffic management and control system.The United States began ITS research in the late 1960s, followed by Europe and Japan.After more than 30 years of development, the United States, Europe and Japan have become the three bases of ITS research.From Europe's road traffic information (RTI) system to the United States' smart vehicle road system (IVHS) in the 1960s, ITS is developing at an unprecedented rate.ITS research starts late in our country, and facing the urban population density, fast urbanization, automobile holdings increased rapidly, worsening traffic congestion phenomenon, such as the actual national conditions, must be on scheduling information, intelligent traffic management increasing force research degrees.In recent years, the research and application of domestic ITS have been developed rapidly and achieved a definite result.

The whole system system is divided into three parts, bus terminal, bus system monitoring center and bus station electronic station registration.The bus terminal consists of the sensor and the data transceiver controller. The sensor type has oil level sensor, fuel consumption sensor, door magnetic switch and so on.