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Fire and safety doors in public buildings, hospitals, government buildings, hotels, museums, warehouses, banks, auditoriums, restaurants and other buildings frequented by people, require the exit door be shut at all times except in the case of an emergency. The doors also bar anyone from any unauthorized entry. By law the doors must be monitored at all times electronically of their status, and if they are opened proper warnings must be generated.

Soway engineers have developed a reliable way to detect the status of an emergency door. Normally designers only had mechanical switches at their disposal to detect the status of any emergency door. They have been used successfully; however, they would fail prematurely or may have limited life cycles. Non-contact reed sensors just require a reed sensor and a magnet to carry out the sensing function, which is without wear, has long service life.

The sensors can have normally open contacts as well as normally closed contacts. One can also select as an option, the added provision of a sabotage loop built into the sensor. If someone attempted to cut the cable coming from the sensor, the sabotage loop would be cut, alerting the central electronic circuit tripping an alarm.